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Making student life better

making student life better

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) – Students will tell you that the ISIC makes their life significantly better, simpler and more enjoyable. Benefits and discounts in 125+ countries as well as online globally. Btw we also make teacher´s life better with the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) and young people’s lives better too with the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC).

The Student and Youth market – everyone knows how price sensitive students are, most of us having been a student ourselves. Our market reach allows the perfect opportunity to show the students who supports them during this part of their life. It may be a discount on products, a bonus for using services, or helping them get easier access. Creating that familiarity when the students need it and appreciate it the most, enables our partners to bond and create long lasting relationships with our student audience, well beyond the time when they complete their studies.

tailor made benefit programs

Tailor made benefit programs – for many years, we have been designing and creating bespoke value propositions for customer loyalty and rewards, as well as membership acquisition and retention campaigns. We have contracted and have working relationships with thousands of merchants in 14 countries that may be channeled into customised programs according to our partner´s needs and requirements.

student verification

Student verification – Merchants in all our markets can benefit from having access to the most extensive on-line student database available. We provide tools to ensure real-time student verification to ensure authenticity and credibility that our partners are providing benefits to those who really deserve them. See for more details.

targeted communication

Student information and Media – The specific student niche audience requires unique communication. Well targeted, well executed, and innovative. Whether brand building, sharing news or updates, or building relationships with students, it´s the unique ticket into the day to day activity of student life.

ERP system

We built one. GTS ALIVE has developed and runs a complete and comprehensive business management solution, the Alive Platform. Now used in 28 countries all over the world including France, China, USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Slovakia, Japan, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

making student life better

tailor made benefit programs

student verification

targeted communication

ERP system

Fun and freedom

We put emphasis on having

a creative work environment







6.10.2021 in News

GTS ALIVE Group launches the ALIVE APP in the Czech Republic. The new app allows ISIC, ITIC and Alive card holders to use a digital ID on their phone.

With the ALIVE APP, users get quick access to a digital version of their card, an overview of all current discounts, exclusive competitions, and an…
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23.9.2021 in News

GTS ALIVE celebrates 20 years and announces expansion to reach 16 markets globally

In August, GTS ALIVE celebrated its 20th anniversary and has taken further steps to reinforce its mission to ‘make student life better’. Having started as…
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29.1.2021 in News

GTS ALIVE successfully launches mobile identification system ISIC PORT by etugate in the Czech Republic.

GTS ALIVE is pleased to announce another step forward in its innovative approach to digitalisation. The ISIC PORT is an identification system that uses the…
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30.6.2020 in News

Schools are becoming increasingly interested in the ISIC identification card. Currently, it is being issued by more than one thousand schools from all over the Czech Republic.

GTS ALIVE, the national developer and issuer of the ISIC card in the Czech Republic, broke the previous record in 2019 for the amount of…
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