GTS ALIVE successfully launches mobile identification system ISIC PORT by etugate in the Czech Republic.


GTS ALIVE is pleased to announce another step forward in its innovative approach to digitalisation. The ISIC PORT is an identification system that uses the ISIC card to manage school access rights and attendance and allows the usage of mobile phones as a personal ID and a digital key. GTS ALIVE worked in close collaboration with etugate to develop a method of identification and access that is both convenient and highly secure. It has already been installed at 15 schools across the Czech Republic since its launch only two months ago.

The ISIC PORT is composed of both software and hardware. ID administration and authorization is processed in an intuitive cloud interface where all activities are being recorded and can be traced back and processed further. The system allows students and staff to open doors with their mobile phone. It can automatically fill in attendance registers and it also allows administrators to assign and modify rights to access certain areas or services as well as monitor the school entrance through card readers.

This solution saves time on paperwork, improves school safety, and makes the students’ everyday life much easier. A most up-to-date version is always available with a focus on highest security, user-friendly environment, and compliance with EU legislation.

The ISIC PORT is compatible with both digital and plastic ISIC card, and can be linked up with digital attendance registers, card administration programs, and implemented in other third-party school systems, such as a library or a copy machine system.

GTS ALIVE plans to launch ISIC PORT in several countries within the GTS ALIVE Group in 2021. The ISIC PORT was developed in collaboration with etugate and IMA.