Schools are becoming increasingly interested in the ISIC identification card. Currently, it is being issued by more than one thousand schools from all over the Czech Republic.


GTS ALIVE, the national developer and issuer of the ISIC card in the Czech Republic, broke the previous record in 2019 for the amount of issued ISIC cards to verified students. In addition to universities, more than 700 secondary and 300 primary schools in the Czech Republic have adopted the ISIC as student identity documents for their students and pupils. The total number of ISIC, ITIC and ALIVE cards issued over the last year amounted to over 550,000.

The ISIC card has become an indispensable tool for all students and pupils who benefit from its versatile and practical use not only at school, but also in public transport or when claiming discounts with its selected partners. In addition to that, they can prove their student status in the Czech Republic and 127 other countries worldwide with the ISIC card.

“In terms of accepting and issuing ISIC and ISIC SCHOLAR cards, we consider 2019 as a ground-breaking point for our organisation. We initiated cooperation with 245 new schools and thus reached the national goal of 1,000 primary and secondary schools combined,” said Radek Schich, Director of GTS ALIVE in his comment to the achievement, and added: “Especially as far as the secondary schools are concerned, we are now able to say that we issue ISIC’s to almost all students in this segment which is great news for the students themselves. The schools tend contact us by themselves as they are eager for their students to benefit as well as the others.”

The value of the ISIC card keeps growing
According to Radek Schich, the growing number of ISIC card holders is great news for the partners too, since they have decided to support students through various benefits. ISIC enables them to communicate better with the young target group, to reflect more on their needs and thus to flexibly adjust their offer.

Thanks to the growing number of schools and partners, the ISIC card can also keep accomplishing its central mission of “MAKING STUDENT LIFE BETTER”.