We are pleased to announce the recently developed cooperation between GTS ALIVE and Kickresume.

Kickresume is a global leader in providing step-by-step resume and cover letter building services with eye-catching templates and GTS ALIVE is an official issuer of the ISIC across multiple countries in Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.

Kickresume is helping users score their dream jobs and get hired by the world’s top employers. More than 1 million job seekers have already used the site to improve their profile and secure key positions. Users benefit and learn from job-specific resume samples written by job seekers who succeeded before them.

Endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 1968, the ISIC is the only globally accepted proof of full-time student status and has supported over 120 million students worldwide since its inception. In addition to proof of identity, the ISIC provides access to over 150,000 benefits, discounts and services, in 130 over countries around the world helping make student life more affordable, and easier to maximize their student experience. ISIC is the accepted student Identity card in thousands of Universities, Colleges and Schools all over the world.

ISIC and ITIC holders in India, Romania, Czech Republic, the Middle East, and subsequently all over the world, will easily access all of Kickresume’s premium features for 6 months for free. This includes the newly created ISIC Career Center that accompanies and guides students on their job seeking journey from the creation of their CV and cover letter, and beyond. “This is excellent news for graduate students and other students seeking employment all over the world as they look for placement with the world’s top employers,” said Jana Valušová, Director of International Business Development for GTS ALIVE.

Peter Duris, CEO and Founder of Kickresume said: “We told ourselves: ‘Let’s go back to the roots.’ After all, Kickresume began its journey while we were still at university — as a student project that was meant to help our classmates. Now we are helping thousands of students around the globe build perfect resumes with beautiful designs that stand out in the hiring process. Kickresume is the ultimate career tool that has proved its ability to help candidates get jobs at companies like NASA, Google, Lego or Tesla. We believe that students have a lot to offer and we are here to help them articulate their strengths on a resume.”

Matt East, CEO and Co-Founder of GTS ALIVE Group & ISIC Board Member added: “Every year, students around the world use their ISIC to prove their official student status and access thousands of student discounts, offers and services worldwide. Our Mission is to ‘make student life better’, and so by working closely with the team at Kickresume, we will be able to continue delivering exceptional value and experience to our student community and assist them in landing the positions that they desire.”