Eight out of ten students have concerns about the pandemic. Most of them are worried about the overall future and health of their family and friends. The results of an international survey conducted by GTS ALIVE, an official issuer of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) across multiple countries in Europe, the Middle East and South Asia, where 9,209 students responded, demonstrate that students are also worried that they will not be able to complete the school year or prepare themselves for the final exams.

Students from all over the world feel the impact of the pandemic. One of the first government responses to the COVID-19 outbreak in many countries was the closure of schools. Students have been learning from home and they have natural concerns about the end of the school year. Spanish students are signalling the concern about not completing the semester, whilst those in the Czech Republic are mostly concerned with not being able to prepare for their final exams this year

Students and volunteering

Students have dealt with the closure of public spaces and schools in their own way. “Having worked with the student community for many years across a number of countries and cultures, we have learnt that students not only want to be actively involved in society and respond to the relevant current affairs, but also deliver lasting impacts. Many students are now actively involved in volunteering and sustainability projects all over the world. This is especially prevalent in many Western cultures, whereas others remain highly engaged within their tight family networks, taking on more supporting roles, especially financially” commented Matt East, CEO of GTS ALIVE Group. The survey also identifies additional roles that many students have taken on in the family household such as home-schooling younger siblings, babysitting, or in extracurricular activities in health and social services.

The current situation has even brought several positive changes. Students in the surveyed countries have appreciated the opportunity to spend more time with their families. About half of respondents also admitted that they finally have had time for things that they had neglected like sorting photo libraries, cleaning out closets and other items around the home.

More than half of students surveyed are shopping online

Students are also showing an increase in online shopping during the quarantine period. The results of the survey show that more than half of them are engaging with e-retailers. Popular items at the time of quarantine include clothing, books, food, but also computer games, PC accessories or protective equipment (such as face masks).

Students worry that they will not be allowed to travel

One of the most frequently mentioned things that students are concerned about due to Covid-19 is traveling. “Traveling is a necessary part of a students´ life as well as personal development. They represent the group that will reluctantly change their travel plans. In accordance with the survey´s results, students that are planning a job or study internship abroad in the next school year are likely to only postpone it, but will not cancel it,” says Jana Valušová, Director of International Business Development in GTS Alive in the Czech Republic.

About the Survey
The online survey “COVID-19 through the eyes of students” was conducted by GTS ALIVE on April 3-16, 2020 across 5 countries. 9 209 students of secondary schools, higher vocational schools and universities from the Czech Republic, Spain, Romania, India and the United Arab Emirates participated in the survey