Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro & Serbia

Global Travel Group

Global Travel Group distributes both the EYCA card as well as the ISIC and is thus in a unique position to serve both the youth and the student market. Global Travel Group has been in operation since 2005.

Milos Milenkovic - General Manager

Milos Milenkovic, president of Global Travel Group, the ISIC Licensed Authority for Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina, is also a Board member of the ISIC Association since 2013. Milos lectures on seminars regarding youth policy and democracy initiatives, since his engagement in the Otpor movement. He was a Serbian coordinator of the Polish Foundation for European Education, which organizes youth related seminars in the Ukraine, Belarus, and Azerbeijan. He participated in the Stability Pact for South-East Europe, dedicated to questions of youth and education.


Global Travel Group
Starine Novaka 1
11000 Belgrade
tel.: +381 11 33 49 440
fax.: +381 11 30 35 788