ISIC Romania

ASYST, the Association for the Support of Youth Students and Teachers formed in 2005, serves the youth and student market in Romania through benefit development and various co-brands with local authorities and financial institutions. This organisation runs in conjunction with Niche Marketing ltd, a company offering commercial partners ISIC solutions.

Mihai Tapalaga General Manager

Mihai joined ISIC Romania in 2013 as a Partnership Development Manager and starting with January 2016 he became General Manager. He graduated with the Romanian-Canadian Master in Business Administration. He is a team player and his skills include business development strategies, sales, financial analysis and team development.


Association for the Support of Youth, Students and Teachers
Domnita Anastasia Street, No.10, Apt.5
Bucharest, district 5
tel.: +40 21 3111 673
fax.: +40 21 3111 683