Our partners

Our partners

The GTS Alive Group have partnership agreements with a number of Institutions and Commercial Companies worldwide, here is what a small sample of them say about us...

Komerční banka Swatch Microsoft Accor
McDonald's Master Card Starbucks KFC
Body Glove Holmes Place
UNIQA bodyglove
Prague International Marathon

Accor Group "A strategic partnership with ISIC, the only internationally recognized student identity card (4,5million holders worldwide), was a natural choice for Accor's low cost and economy brand. The cooperation was the most effective way to reach the heart of the global student community. This partnership has been a great success!"
Laurent Tareau, Strategic & Marketing Partnership Director, Accor Group.

AVON "We cooperate with GTS Alive on ISIC Tour 2nd year in a row. This cooperation gives us opportunity to participate on special events targeting young generation. Thanks to this activity we have managed not only to increase AVON brand awareness but also to increase trial of AVON products in this target group. On top of this, we are successful in gaining new fans and customers among students."
Gabriela Koudelová, Sales Support Manager Czech Republic & Slovakia.

Mastercard 'This partnership with ISIC allows MasterCard to create a wonderfully relevant and rich product to have for our student population" Elizabeth Foran-Owens - Senior Business Leader MasterCard and "In view of the strong position of the ISIC in the world market and the example of our cooperation with the ISIC in France and other countries we have no hesitation in recommending the ISIC as the most appropriate tool for any commercial organization wanting to increase its share of the student market."
Rizwan Kazy, Regional Manager, Gulf Cooperation Council States for Mastercard

McDonald's Czech Republic "Cooperation with ISIC is vital part of our strategy in communication towards younger target group. ISIC/ITIC card holders, especially recruiting from students, are offered with special top selling items or menus. In case of improvement our offer we also done a research among ISIC/ITIC card holders and adjust the offer to more reflect needs of our customers."
Martin Jiruska, Marketing supervisor, McDonald´s ČR spol. s r.o.

McDonald's Belgium "The ISIC is our approach to Belgian students : as an exclusive ISIC partner we offer them more value for their money and so far this has been quite successful : we feel that in de major student cities students return to our restaurants to demand their extra burger. In order to offer our students even more service, we are thinking about launching a second ISIC-action, limited in time but with even more value, at the start of the next academic year."
Olivier Van Den Bossche', Marketing Manager Mc Donald's Belgium

McDonald's Slovakia "The cooperation with ISIC card holders helped to strengthen our market position among students and attract more young people in McDonald's restaurants in Slovakia. We hope our cooperation will outlast"
Branislav Mrva, Field Consultant, McDonald's Slovakia

Kodak "I acknowledge the influence of selling ISIC ID on increasing number of customers visiting our branches as well as increasing interest in our products among students, who are the important group of our customers. Cooperation with ISIC gives us a great opportunity to penetrate into this attractive market segment."
Ing. Petr Krcmar, Kodak

Komerční banka (KB), Czech Republic, member of Societé Generale Group "We appreciate a lot our long-term cooperation with GTS Alive. Our main goal is to help and support students in their everyday life, not only in financial area. And our cooperation is helping us and also GTS to bring our clients an additional value. This cooperation is a part of our communication strategy toward students as we want students to be aware of it. We look forward continuing in our excellent business cooperation and creating new benefits for both KB and GTS clients."
Patrice Begue, Executive Director, Marketing and Communication, Alice Martinovska, manager of Segment management Individuals JANA KYSELOVÁ Segment Management Individuals Segments & Products Marketing and Communication.

KFC "We are very pleased with the cooperation with ISIC, thanks to which we have managed to penetrate the market of students and have seen increasing sales of our key products. We support ISIC on our web pages and restaurants too because students are our large target group. It´s a part of our marketing and communication stragegy to cooperate with ISIC. We´re looking forward to further cooperation."
Eva Tománková, Marketing Activation Specialist KFC.

Microsoft "As a global leader insoftware industry I would like to express my appreciation of the partnership with ISIC, which consider to be a unique way to approach and attract students. Our aim is to enable the students to use Microsoft's products regardless of their financial status. We acknowledge ISIC's rich experience in this field and we welcome the possibility to strengthen our position among the youth with the help of such a reliable and active partner."
Petr Bobek, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft, Czech Republic.

Hard Rock Café "Hard Rock Café has established a cooperation with ISIC for 6 years. The results are really positive for our business, because many local and international students take advantage of the benefits that ISIC card offers to them in Hard Rock Café".
Katerina Ginis, Sales and Marketing Manager, Hard Rock Café, Athenes"

Swatch "Since we have started working with the ISIC, we have seen an increasing amount of sales of our products which has been a direct result of using the ISIC as a way and means of attracting students. We have now worked with the ISIC for more than 7 years and see ISIC position on the market continue to go from strength to strength. We shall continue to deliver the ISIC card holders exceptional value as we see this as a mandatory part of our marketing and communication strategy."
Christian Moreaux, Managing Director, SWATCH, Czech Republic.

R.A.D.E.F. RomaniaFilm "R.A.D.E.F. RomaniaFilm has been working with ISIC Romania since 2009. This proved to be a fruitful collaboration on both sides. Thanks to the ISIC marketing, students the spectator number in the Romania Film cinemas has considerably increased. ISIC is a reliable partner that successfully promotes RomaniaFilm movies, informing students about the possibility to benefit of movie tickets discounts in all the Romanian Film chain of 28 Theatres. It was noted that the number of spectators among students with ISIC badge increased considerably during our cooperation."
Monica Batir - Marketing Manager R.A.D.E.F. RomaniaFilm

Cine Sunstar Argentina "The alliance with ISIC allowed us to target the University Students segment. We have been able to enter the Universities with a variable marketing cost, such as the benefit is. We have notice a client increase, especially when ISIC includes us in their web and in their ISIC Newsheets. We expect to continue with the alliance for many years."
Isidoro Bajo Gancedo, Director Comercial

Pizza Hut "During the partnership we've had with STB / ISIC in São Paulo which began in 2000, we've made several promotions that has increased the flow and frequency of students in our restaurants and also helped us to get closer to the this specific public."
Annna Carolina Salles, Marketing - Pizza Hut SP

Holmes Place Czech "The co-operation with ISIC started in 2010. Holmes Place provides 20% discount to all ISIC, ITIC and IYTC cardholders. Thanks to the co-operation with ISIC possibility to use student targeted ISIC communication channel, the number of students amongst our clients increased rapidly. Furthermore due to the time flexibility of student audience the sell in off peak memberships increased. ISIC is recognized as a strong student brand, which helps the positioning of HolmesPlace and buiding of brand awareness among students in Prague."
Katarina Kralova, Quality, Service and Standards Coordinator Europe

Body Glove "When we took over the distribution and development of one of the world's leading watersports brand Body Glove for Central Europe, we knew we needed to find a communication partner who was indeed close to the youth segment. GTS Alive, through the ISIC has managed to be incorporated into most aspects and areas of the daily life and routine of Czech students. We look forward to a mutually prosperous & long lasting partnership between the ISIC and Body Glove for many years to come!"
Stanislav Tabor, Managing Director

Meloun Credit "As the Executive Director of Meloun Credit, it is my full intention to continue to work closely with GTS Alive as it continues to develop new projects that both support and nurture the student segment, as well as associated commercial enterprises on the local market."
Patrik Tjokorda, Founder and Executive Director

The Economist Group "Since 2010, The Economist and ISIC are continously developing campaigns to faciliate students' access to high quality information offered through The Economist. This collaboration has proven beneficial for both parties, with ISIC offering The Economist direct access to universities and students, through their dynamic communication channels and the international student market. Our experience collaborating with ISIC has been very positive, with the organisation representing a professional and dynamic approach and playing a leading position in the student market."
Marina Haydn, Circulation Director

International Prague Marathon - PIM "Prague International Marathon and ISIC co-operates since 2009. Since the beginning of our co-operation we were able to benefit from the targeted communication to students and academic audience provided by the ISIC. Thanks to the alliance with ISIC, we are able to provide the students and academic staff with a 40-50 % discount on registration fee on PIM runs via a simple online verification tool, based on actual database of ISIC cardholder. We are happy we have had established a long-term and successful co-operation with the ISIC."
Sašo Belovski, Partners Relationship manager

Starbucks "Starbucks and ISIC started cooperation in the Czech Republic in September 2013. I can confirm that our joint marketing initiatives, ISIC communication channels have had a positive impact on building penetration among students. Joining the ISIC benefit program, Starbucks created a "student´s added value" offer which was rated as their favourite many times. We look forward to continue mutually profitable business and cooperation in coming years."
Lucie Vojtová, Brand Manager Starbucks

UNIQA pojišťovna, member of UNIQA Group Austria "UNIQA pojišťovna and ISIC co-operates a lot of years. It is really a great honour for us to cooperate with ISIC. In partnership with ISIC we develop unique travel insurance for ISIC card holder and we are very proud that this insurance is one of the most popular benefit for ISIC card holders. We are looking forward to further great cooperation."
Martin Blecha, Head of travel insurance department