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GTS ALIVE s.r.o. is the most established company in the group with almost 16 years experience and a 96% student market penetration of ISIC in the Czech Republic. GTS ALIVE s.r.o. continues to be an innovative company and is a proven leader in the ISIC global community. In conjunction with the ISIC, GTS ALIVE s.r.o. has also developed the Alive Card ( for annual national distribution of over 56,000 members of sporting clubs and various leisure groups.

Tomáš Vyskočil - General Manager, ISIC Czech Republic

Tomáš started at GTS in 2004 as PR Specialist after five years spent in advertising agencies. Within his time at GTS, he has experienced working in various positions which has helped to fully understand the business. This resulted in the promotion to General Manager for ISIC Czech Republic in July 2010. Beside the company management, Tomáš is responsible for strategic partnerships and key development projects.

GTS ALIVE Service s.r.o.

GTS ALIVE Services s.r.o. is a subsidiary of GTS ALIVE s.r.o., which was founded in 2016. The main activities are the creation and mediation of insurance products for the target group of customers of GTS ALIVE. ISIC insurance is one of the most popular benefitiate for international cards ISIC and ITIC.

Karel Beck - Key Partnership Manager

Karel Beck, Czech national, began working in product department of Travel GTS and GTS ALIVE s.r.o. he changed to the position of product specialist in 2009. During his tenure he took over numerous positions and is currently responsible for dispensing ISIC universities, ISIC insurance, integration ISIC in transportation and negotiations with partners. He also controls a subsidiary of GTS ALIVE Services s.r.o. since 2016.

More Rewards s.r.o.

More Rewards is a sister company of GTS ALIVE s.r.o. which operates as a market specialist in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for benefits and reward loyalty programs ranging from benefit contracting, to account management and project development. More Rewards s.r.o. was formed with a view to utilize the expertise of benefit network contracting skills by GTS ALIVE s.r.o., and to extend this network for other various reward based projects in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Edita Mrkousová – General Manager and Co-owner, More Rewards s.r.o. (Czech Republic & Slovakia)

Edita started at More Rewards s.r.o. in 2014 as Sales and Business Development Director. Edita brought to More Rewards over 20 years experiences in marketing and sales, that she gained at companies such as Vodafone, LG Electronics, AIG life. Her strong abilities in sales, people management as well as overall company management resulted in promoting Edita to General Manager and Co-owner of More Rewards s.r.o. in June 2015. Edita is especially known for her proactive, enthusiastic and endless energy approach.

GTS ALIVE s.r.o. & GTS ALIVE Services s.r.o. & More Rewards s.r.o.
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